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Policy and Procedures

Stay safe and be so very kind to one another!

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When you take any class, private or public, with Hummingbird Heart Yoga, rest assured, you will be practicing in a SAFE space. I’m here to hold space for you and your practice not only in spirit and at heart but also with special attention to and awareness of your physical practicing environment.

  • Private classes and community events are most often held outside to give us the space we need to practice safely.

  • At a public community event, I will always require students to spread out and to use all the space available.

  • When practicing one on one and in private small groups, I will work with you to create an environment in which we both feel safe, content, and protected.

  • If you need to borrow a mat or prop, mats and props are sanitized before and after every use and are regularly hand washed and deep cleaned. 

  • Hand sanitizer, mat cleaner, and other cleansing materials are always available at every class and/or private session for your use.

Love - Acceptance - Respect


Hummingbird Heart Yoga is and always will be a safe space for LGBTQ+ friends and family members in our community. All are welcome. 

Since our current Equality Rights Laws in Michigan do not legally protect the LGBTQ+ community, Hummingbird Heart Yoga stands proudly in union with Pride Alliance of Livingston to help identify safe places for our LGBTQ+ friends and family members. 

I, Lauren, owner of Hummingbird Heart Yoga LLC and all staff of HHY vow to…

  • Treat all customers/students/clients with respect and kindness.

  • Intervene if someone is being bullied or harassed - reminding people that ALL are welcome at HHY. Bullying is NEVER okay and will not be tolerated or overlooked in this space.

  • Practice acceptance and integration.


Furthermore, HHY will always be a space and community that stands as an ally, demands equality, and addresses discrimination in all forms, whether it be race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, national origin, gender identity, etc. Here at HHY, we recognize the existence of systemic problems in our world and we strive to create a space in which ALL feel welcome and protected.


We also pledge to remain open to learning and better understanding ways to improve inclusivity in our community and space. 


Always sending fluttering hummingbird love, light, and magic to ALL,

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Lauren Somers

Owner and Certified Yoga & Aerial Fitness Instructor, Hummingbird Heart Yoga, LLC.

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