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ABOUT Hummingbird Heart YOga

Like the hummingbird that enjoys the sweet nectar she finds at the flower that sits before her, when we open ourselves to the sacred beauty of the present moment, we become aware of the divine beauty within ourselves: mind, body, soul, and everything in between.


It is my mission to hold space in which every student to feels seen, heard, supported, and understood.


Hummingbird Heart Yoga will always be a safe environment to love, connect, and express the truest version of yourself and the fluttering magic of THIS present moment.


Together, let’s develop a practice in traditional yoga, aerial fitness, and/or yoga inspired movement that is 100% created for you, that naturally blends into your everyday lifestyle, and fits your own unique needs.


Time to create!!


Know that all services offered at Hummingbird Heart Yoga are completely customizable (duration, number of participants, special requests and class variations, etc.) and can be adapted for all ages. Got an idea? Run it by me. We will make it work!

Most importantly, this is YOUR authentic practice. Feel free to reach out to make it exactly so, in every way.


Let’s Connect!



Gather Your

Bring together a group of friends or practice one-on-one.

Pick a Day.
Pick a Time.

Make it a one time big event or a recurring yoga schedule of your own.

Where is Your Sacred Space?

On the beach, in the forest, in your own backyard? I’ll bring class to you.

What Style
of Session?

Take a peek at the classes and services offered. What speaks to you?

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Lauren Somers

Owner and Certified Yoga & Aerial Fitness Instructor, Hummingbird Heart Yoga, LLC.

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